My passion for Compliance is rooted in the strong belief that Compliance Benefits: Compliance is a business asset that, if used in the right way, can bring companies competitive advantage, customer trust and ultimately return on investment. Compliance is so much more than ‘doing the right thing’, or even worse, ‘ticking a box’. It is a way of working, part of the business, making sure people understand and even more important: people dare to ask.

Only in a transparent and open culture, a compliance program can be a success. And this is exactly where I stand for: straightforward, open, honest and passionate about my profession. Don’t expect a police officer implementing policies and fining breaches. Expect someone who thinks with the business, dares to say things differently and most important, someone who truly believes in Compliance.




  • Act as (interim) Compliance officer
  • Implementing a (corporate) compliance program (from scratch)
  • Monitoring of existing compliance policies/procedures
  • Create and deliver (corporate) Compliance training (new hires, all employee, refresh, on- and offline)
  • Creating awareness, boosting existing procedures
  • Meet EMEA disclosure (transparency) requirements
  • Compliance review or advise

  Data Privacy


  • Perform  Data Privacy Assessments
  • Setting up a Data privacy framework, from scratch (policies, guidance)
  • Creating awareness within the organisation (training, newsletters, brown bag sessions)
  • Getting GDPR (General Data protection Regulation) proof
  • Implement a Data breach notification procedure
  • Act as DPO  (Data protection Officer)



After more than 10 years of working as a compliance professionals in international companies, I finally took the step and offer my passion, experience and knowledge to a broad range of customers as a consultant.

Besides having my university degree in Corporate Compliance, I am also an experienced Data Privacy officer.

Living and loving (in) Amsterdam, married to the best Chef in town, mother of Bliss. 

For my full resume and working experience please visit my LinkedIn profile.